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Symphonisches Hochschulblasorchester Konstanz

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Konzertankündigung Sa., 27. Januar 2018, 20:00


Audimax der Universität Konstanz

VVK-Karten im Foyer der  Uni Konstanz


Overlook of the website in English

(The editor apologises for potential misspelling!)

In summer term 2013 two students of University of Konstanz founded the Wind Ensemble Wind Symphonica. We are the second Wind Ensemble at a southern German Univsersity and therefore representing a speciality in the Orchestra world of southern Germany. At Universtiy of Konstanz a Wind Ensemble was missing so far. Starting with 30 musicians in the first year demonstrated the accumulated demand for a Wind Ensemble at University by students and musicians in general.

Since foundation, the Wind Symphonica grew quickly to a stable number of 50 musicians with an increasing tendency.

Our second concert in winter term 2013/2014 was already completely sold out in our first concert room R711. This gave us the possibility to perform the following concerts in Audimax of University of Konstanz.

In summer term 2014 we presented a doubled concert together with the Uni Big Band of University of Konstanz.

A highlight was our concert in winter term 2014/2015 when we invited the Concert Band of University of Hohenheim. With this concert we unified the specialities of South-Germany, the two University Wind Ensembles!

For the concert in summer term 2015 we gave the artistic form without guests. With the performence of the Peer-Gynt suite and The Wind in the Willows we followed our marked preference to symphonic music for Wind Ensemble.


We still dream and still rave about our recent concert in Audimax of University of Konstanz (23th January 2016) with The European premiere of the Ararat Suite Op. 34 by Loris Tjeknavorian for Wind Ensemble. We presented The story of Noah's Ark in the version of Bert Appermont in the first part (The message and the beginning of the journey full of hope)  and the version of Loris Tjeknavorian (landing on mountain Ararat and the beginning of the New Life). The second part of the concert started with Alfred Reed's Fourth Suite for band, followed by the Yorkshire Ballad. The audience was send back home through the night with The Dance of the Vampires...A wonderful concert with a hurricane of applause which made the musicians and the director more than happy...


Some details:

The Wind Symphonica Orchestra is managed by a team of students. The musical conduction lies in the hand of Ralph Brodmann.

With the start of every winter and summer term we are searching for new musicians. Please feel free to contact us.


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